Hello! My name is Dan and I am based in Brooklyn, New York. 

(me and my twin brother Tim basking in a double rainbow)

I grew up with American Beauty playing on repeat by my dad. At five years old, I innocently believed that Bob Weir was singing about Chicken McNuggets instead of Sugar Magnolias. 

Ah, the gift of the Grateful Dead! "It's a hand me down, the thoughts are broken..." ...and passed down to the next generation of Deadheads!

Which brings us here. Welcome to It's A Hand Me Down! I have collected a ton of vintage Dead shirts; some that I would like to share with you. And regarding my dad, Robert - he is an artist, specializing in Dead-related pieces. We are going to share some of his artwork, because I think you might dig that too.

Please don't hesitate to reach out here or on Instagram if you have any questions or inquires... or if you just want to chat!

Catch you at the next show, hopefully sooner rather than later!